RTL United Brand

ClientRTL Group Deutschland
About the project

RTL Group is a leading entertainment company across broadcast, streaming, and digital content with a legacy of 68 television channels, nine streaming services and 36 radio stations across Europe.

The company has grown to represent a range of programmes, themes and partnerships across multiple touchpoints, all united by entertainment but not by a common identity. I was approached to join the Branding Team to work on the re-design of the overall design and strategy of RTL, with the aim of transforming it from a traditional broadcast company to a content, technology and data powerhouse.

The goal was to make RTL a catalyst for transformation, making the brand a modern symbol of unity. United but distinct, we wanted to honour the past while stepping into tomorrow and celebrating entertainment's ability to inspire people and lay the foundations for a more inclusive future.


􀥍 iF Award 2022 in Communication & Typography.

􀥍 GBA’22 Gold in Excellent Brand.

􀥍 ADC 2022 Germany in Branding.

􀥍 Red Dot Award 2022, Best of the Best.

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