Künstliche (Un)Vernunft Conference

ClientDie Junge Akademie
About the project

In 2023, the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities opened, as every year, its doors to the public, inviting the visitors to the Salon Sophie Charlotte, under the motto "Enlightenment 2.0, Artificial (Un)Reason”. The ten members of Die Junge Akademie who joined in the summer of 2022 participated in the Salon with their own conference and event.

The Enlightenment placed the human being at the center of the world. In the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Anthropocene, however, the category of the human is increasingly being called into question. Technological innovations, most notably Artificial Intelligence, can be interpreted as both the salvation and the demise of the human. Can the concept of enlightenment still be applied to such technology? Will we become witnesses of a triumph of enlightenment with previously unimagined possibilities of thinking and acting? Or is exactly the opposite the case: Are we watching humans abolish the human itself? My mission in this project was to create the image and design for the communication of all these lectures by understanding the formal duality of the main theme, having the human being at the centre of this dispute.

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